King of Sheen Wheel Care Kit - Eco Tyre Shine and Universal Wheel Cleaner + Tyre Dressing Sponge

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King of Sheen Tyre Shine is extremely quick and easy to apply; delivering outstanding results, cleans conditions and protects tyres to leave an outstanding slime free and non-greasy finish. Perfect for dressing and revitalising tired and grey looking tyres.
An outstanding zero VOC water based formulation has a fantastic fragrance, contains no hazardous substances or petroleum and completely restores tyre surfaces, leaving them refreshed, sealed and protected whilst repelling future build-up of traffic film, dust and moisture.
Supremely flexible tyre dressing, King of Sheen Eco Tyre Shine has variable gloss capabilities to suit all tastes; incredibly quick and easy to use with the sponge applicator.
King of Sheen Universal Wheel Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, fully biodegradable and non-allergenic formulation that is robust enough to quickly and efficiently lift away stubborn substances such as traffic film, brake dust, grease and oil deposits but gentle enough not to damage alloy wheels, leaving a streak free gleaming shine.