How to use waterless car wash

A common question people ask us is how to use our waterless car wash products.

Well using King of Sheen waterless car wash is easier than you think. Have you ever wanted to give your car a clean whilst out and about?  Be it at an event or whilst away on holiday or anywhere else, well with King of Sheen waterless wash and wax products now you can.

King of Sheen is a very safe and effective car cleaning product that allows you to spray on, rub away the dirt and then buff to a shine with just a few quality microfibre cloths. You can use it in just about any conditions be it sunny, cold or even wet but for the best results use when dry and not overly hot. Thus attaining a showroom shine with added protection that can last for weeks.

If your vehicle is very heavily soiled with large particles then we would advise that this is quickly sprayed over first to remove the large dirt and then proceed as normal with King of Sheen.

All You Need is 2 Quality microfibre towels and King of Sheen Advanced Ultra-Nano or Professional waterless wash and wax, and about 15-25 minutes of time to work on your car.

Here are the 5 steps to cleaning your car without soap, water, buckets, hoses and all the mess those things create. No water will be wasted and your car will look amazing.

  1. Spray onto your first damp microfibre cloth.
  2. Spray onto the surface of the car. One panel at a time or about 1m2 working area is best.
  3. Gently rub your microfibre cloth onto the surface that you just sprayed onto. The high-tech soaps, liquefying agents and dual wet surfaces act to reduce friction, dissolve the dirt on contact and soak up the liquefied dirt into the microfibre cloth. 

The soft, microfibre towels actually pull the liquefied dirt away from the surface and protects it from scratching. This is how and why we claim that a waterless car wash that is performed correctly is much safer and better for your car. It is actually a scientific, chemical process that has been rigorously tested.

  1. Quickly switch to a clean and second microfibre cloth and buff the remaining residue into a brilliant shine.
  2. Repeat this process until the entire vehicle is clean and looking great!

You can wash the microfibre towels over and over again in the washing machine with traditional soap but do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener will make the towels smear on the window.

Please be sure to send us pictures of your car, truck or any vehicle freshly cleaned with the King of Sheen products and we will post them on our websites and Facebook pages.